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Barba Architectural Design

Barba Architectural Design is a fully bespoke, high-end design firm with projects ranging from renovation/restoration to new construction. We at Barba Architectural Design take pride in the ability to communicate with our clients in a way that allows their dreams to become a reality.


By connecting with our clients in meaningful ways and understanding what is important to them, we are able to create a design that has a lasting impact on how they interact with their spaces. Our primary goal is to create a cohesive blend of aesthetic and function that delivers the client’s vision.

Bill Barba. AIA, NCARB


Bill Barba is a graduate of the School of Architecture and Design from NYIT and is a Long Island native with over a decade of experience. As a Registered Architect, he has dedicated his career to designing one-of-a-kind homes that blend aesthetic and function for both the lifestyle and wellbeing of his clients.

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